Our Commitment

Our in depth knowledge of and experience in the mining and construction industries within which we operate means that a commitment to safety, health and environment is always front of mind when we are working. We have gone beyond complying with all applicable legislation, in all jurisdictions, that helps protect people’s safety and health, whether in our corporate offices or on site. In fact, we recognise that everyone has a right to live in an environment that is not harmful to health or wellbeing. We take our environmental and occupational health and safety responsibilities very seriously and work actively with our employees, clients and other stakeholders to ensure our involvement in projects is completed with the minimal possible risk.

PCC was one of the first cost management company’s to develop its own safety and risk assessment plan, enhancing the benefits to our employees and clients and complying with legal and project specific requirements across all our services.

PCC appointed specialist legal risk and compliance consultants to assist with the implementation and management of customised safety, occupational health and environment management system. Legal liability training is compulsory for all employees. Continuous hazard identification ensures the successful management of all the risks in the workplace.

The sustainable management of the natural environment is vital to the future prosperity of the countries in which we operate

Ferro Alloys Plant Phase 2 – South Africa

Harbour Upgrade, Durban – South Africa

Weir at QMM Mineral Sands Project – Madagascar